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The Company You Keep
Posted 08-22-2016

While I was away traveling and teaching yoga, I missed a dear friend's birthday. I was in Peterborough teaching a part of the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training for a couple of days and then I visited my family in London. One afternoon during my time in London we decided to go to a proper afternoon tea sitting at Fortnum and Mason - a really old, iconic department store with a beautiful tea room. It was an incredible experience - so delicious and so filling. They were even able to accommodate my gluten free diet. [caption id="attachment_385" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The beautiful tea setting at Fortnum and Mason. The beautiful tea setting at Fortnum and Mason.[/caption] When I got home I asked my friend and another if they wanted to go out to an afternoon tea here in Chicago at the Peninsula Hotel to celebrate Friend #1's birthday. I'm so happy they agreed! We met up today and sat around for a couple of hours sipping on delicious teas, eating finger sandwiches and tiny cakes. We sang a really quiet happy birthday to our friend so as not to alarm the calm tea room. We talked about our lives and laughed and smiled. I left feeling totally reset and uplifted.


Featured Event

From Earth to Sky: A Forrest Yoga Intensive at Sukhava Bodhe Yoga and Music Festival - September 2, 2016 - 10am-3:50pm - Stonehouse Farm - 3719 Suydam Road - Paw Paw, IL

Join Allison for a Forrest Yoga Intensive as a part of Sukhava Bodhe Yoga and Music Festival. Spend a full day out on the land of Stonehouse Farm soaking in the wisdom of the Earth and Sky. Inspired by ceremonies and practices related to the natural world, Forrest Yoga helps you to align your internal intelligence with that of the environment around you. This intensive will take you on a journey from your roots to your Spirit – from the power of the ground beneath you to the expansive opportunities of the open sky above you. Start the day with an exploration of the Forrest Yoga chants, dances and drumming. Then delight in a full-length morning practice related to grounding into the energies of the Earth and nourishing your Self. Spend a midday break at the “water cooler” getting insight into your personal yoga journey through an injury Q&A circle. Expand into openness from your hands to feet, reaching up into the sky with an afternoon practice of inversions and partner hands on assisting. Finish the day with a talking circle where you can reflect on the journey of the day. Experience the delight and power that arises through your connection to Spirit through the practices of Forrest Yoga! Cost: $50. Register HERE.