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The Stories We Tell
Posted 06-06-2016

This weekend I taught a Forrest Yoga class themed around internal dialogue. Our internal dialogue is the running speech going on inside our heads all the time - and often it's quite a harsh monologue! This intention for class struck a cord with the students and many realized that behind the scenes a litany of devastating stories were passing by at any given moment. If left unconscious, the stories we tell our selves can be detrimental to our well-being. Once brought to light, there is often an uncomfortable period of acknowledging the havoc these stories have wreaked on our life choices and path. So what are we to do about the stories we tell ourselves internally? I'm no stranger to storytelling! One of the first things that brought me into the practice of Forrest Yoga was Ana Forrest asking me the simple questions, "Do you believe your injury can heal?" "What can you do in this moment?" and "Who is the person you most want to become?" My answers when I met her were something along the lines of: my injury cannot heal this is just how it will be for me forever, I can't do anything in this moment or any other moment because I am totally and completely incompetent, and I don't want to be anyone because there is nothing noteworthy about me that matters. WHOA! Holy harsh internal dialogue! Ana could sense this tendency in me from the get-go. None of these stories were true and she had seemingly magical methods to get me to the truth: healing is always a possibility, there is always a choice we can make in each moment to move towards our own path of healing, and Spirit can help us to uncover the person we most want to become through an exciting and fascinating journey into our Self. Perhaps you too are currently plagued by a nasty internal dialogue of stories like mine. Here are the tools I've learned through Forrest Yoga and through my other teacher, Bridget Boland, to rewrite the stories running inside so that they are supportive of the person I most want to become.


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The Science and Soul of Sequencing - July 16, 2016 - 2-4pm - Moksha Yoga 700 N Carpenter - Chicago, IL

Are you curious to learn more about what makes a safe, effective and engaging class experience? Do you feel like your current classes or home practice need a sprucing up? Are you finding sequencing a challenge instead of a delight? This workshop is for you! Come explore the fascinating realm of yoga sequencing through the lens of Forrest Yoga. Guardian-in Training, Allison English, will distill her 14 years of teaching experience into this cohesive workshop on how to sequence incredible class experiences from start to finish. Learn the science behind layering poses safely into a complete journey. Add in the soul of internal wisdom you access when using your intuition to make changes in the moment and set dynamic themes. There will be lecture, sequencing exercises, brainstorming sessions, small group work, play time and plenty of Q&A! Suitable for practitioners learning how to sequence a home practice and teachers learning more developed sequencing skills. Cost: $30. Register HERE.